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October Newsletter

  • As the Fall mornings get colder, staff may be seated inside the door at arrival.  Please make sure your child is dressed warmly for the outdoors.  We still play outside, wait outside for the bus or walk from the school daily.
  • SVCC has a new program starting October 12th: “Toddler Explorers”.  It runs Monday and Wednesday mornings 9-12 and focuses on play, peer interaction and learning hands on activities for 2 year olds.  Ms. Angie will be teaching the program.  Get more information about this new program here! Spread the word!!

  • We plan to have a Halloween Celebration at the end of the month.  Check our Special Announcements on our home page for more details soon!

  • Mark your Calendar:  We will be open February 15th-President’s Day- it will NOT be a Staff Training Day.  SVCC added Good Friday, April 2, 2021 to replace President’s Day as a closed holiday for the Center.

  • Wearing Masks – We are beginning to ask 3 & 4 year olds to wear masks at times during the day.  Please make sure your child has a mask in their  bag.  Children will wear masks for special activities such as : Story Time with Ms. Andrea from the Library or during time the children are sitting closer together for special learning  activities during the day.

  • Storytime with Ms. Andrea was on October 8 at 10:30.  She comes every 3 weeks on a Thursday to do storytime with 3 & 4 year olds.

  • School Age children have an early dismissal on October 28th.  Please let us know if your child needs to return to the Center for the rest of the day.  It is $12.00 for the day if your child needs child care.  PACK YOUR LUNCH.  The next early dismissals dates are in November for Parent-Teacher conferences.

  • October is National Fire Safety Month-do you have a family escape plan?  

         “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  
~Winnie the Pooh


Warm Regards,
Roberta Blackwell
Executive Director